Thursday, March 17, 2016

Am I back....

I am not sure. Hard to say but here I am.  I got to thinking today about my life a year ago and how different it is. It blows my mind. Many people ask me. If you would have known what you were up against what would you have done. I would have done the same thing, which could make some question my sanity. Maybe it my medication or maybe it's just simply the lessons I've learned.

First lesson after a tramadic almost life ending experience: The small things do matter. Yes yes, I know. It seems kleshea but it's so true. Life really blows when you can't....
tie your own shoes
hook your bra
put your shirt on
pull up your pants
wash dishes
wash your hair
wipe your rear
get in a car
ride a four wheeler
do laundry
lift a gallon of milk
buckle your seat belt

Lesson 2. Drs do not suck. They are not the enemy. They are not to be feared. God gave them a natural talent and we are all so lucky to be able to benefit from their talent and knowledge. I have an amazing team of Doctors and specialists who played a major role in saving my life.

Lesson 3. It may surprise you when your sick who really comes to your aide and who runs the other way. I mean like tears off with their shorts on fire.

Lesson 4. Being an Non-drinker is NOT the end of the world. That's right. Waking up and saying what kind of a** can I kick today is much more fun they saying "How am I going to get this trough this horribly long day".

Thats it for now. I have many many more lessons, but this is my mushing for today the 17th of the month. The number of the month that will always be the day. 10 months since my transplant. 10 whole months of lessons learned. I am sure without a doubt their will be more!

Nothing makes Transplant day better than loves from my Doggie........

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